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Oleg Igoshin
Associate Professor
Dept. of Bioengineering
Center for Theoretical and Biological Physics
MS142, P.O.Box 1892
Houston, Texas
Email: igoshin@rice.edu

Office: BRC-767
Lab: BRC-750E/F

Phone:(713)348-5502 (OI))

Selected Publications


  • Parta, P.,  Vallalo, C.N.,Wall, D. and. Igoshin, O.A., Mechanism of kin-discriminatory demarcation line formation between growing colonies of swarming bacteria, Biophys J, (2017)113: 2477–2486 [reprint]
  • Li, X., Balagam, R., He, T.-F.,Lee P.P., Igoshi†, O.A.,and Levine H., On the mechanism of long-range alignment order of fibroblasts, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  (2017) 114(34): 8974-8979 [reprint]
  • Fan, Y., Evans, C.R., Barber*,K.W., Banerjee, K, Weiss, K.J.,Margolin, W., Igoshin, O.A., Rinehart, J., Ling, J., Heterogeneity of Stop Codon Readthrough in Single Bacterial Cells and Implications for Population Fitness, Molecular Cell, (2017), 67: 1–11,e1–e5 
  • Winkle, J.J., Igoshin, O.A., Bennett, M.R., Josić K., and  Ott W., Modeling mechanical interactions in growing populations of rod-shaped bacteria, Physical Biology, (2017)  14: 055001 [reprint]
  • Cotter, C.R,   Schüttler, H.-B., Igoshin,O. A.,.and Shimkets, L.J, Data-driven modeling reveals cell behaviors controlling self-organization during Myxococcus xanthus development,   Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  (2017) 114: E4592-E4601 [reprint]
  • Banerjee, K., Kolomeisky, A.B., and Igoshin,O. A., Elucidating interplay of speed and accuracy in biological error correction, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) 114: 5183-5188 [reprint]
  • Banerjee, K., Kolomeisky, A.B., and Igoshin,O. A., Accuracy of substrate selection by enzymes is controlled by kinetic discrimination,   J. Phys. Chem. Lett., (2017) 8: 1552–1556 [reprint]


  • Parta, P., Kissoon, K., Cornejo, I., Kaplan, H.B. and. Igoshin, O.A., Colony Expansion of Socially Motile Myxococcus xanthus Cells Is Driven by Growth, Motility, and Exopolysaccharide Production, PLoS Comp Biol, (2016) 12(6): e1005010[reprint] (cover story)
  • Castillo-Hair S.M., Sexton, J.T., Landry, B.P., Olson E.J. Igoshin O.A., and Tabor J.J, FlowCal: A User-Friendly, Open Source Software Tool for Automatically Converting Flow Cytometry Data from Arbitrary to Calibrated Units,  ACS Synthetic Biology, (2016) DOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.5b00284 [reprint]
  • Narula, J., Kuchina, A., Fang, Z., Fujita, M., Süel, G.M. and. Igoshin, O.A., Slowdown of growth controls cellular differentiation, Mol Sys Bio, (2016) 12(4):871 [reprint]
  • Ascensao, J., Datta, P., Hancioglu, B., Sontag, E., Gennaro ML and Igoshin, O.A., Non-monotonic response to monotonic stimulus: regulation of glyoxylate shunt gene-expression dynamics in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, PLoS Comp Biol, (2016) 12(2): e1004741 [reprint]


  • Balagam R. and Igoshin O.A., Mechanism for collective cell alignment in Myxococcus xanthus bacteria, PLoS Comp Biol, (2015)  11:e1004474  [reprint]
  • Narula J., Kuchina A., Lee D.D., Fujita M., Süel G.M, Igoshin O.A., Chromosomal arrangement of phosphorelay genes couples sporulation and DNA replication, Cell (2015) 162: 328-337 [reprint] Access the recommendation on F1000
  • Datta P., Ravi J., Guerrini V., Chauhan R., Neiditch M.B., Shell S.S., Fortune S.M., Hancioglu B., Igoshin O.A., Gennaro M.L., The Psp system of Mycobacterium tuberculosis integrates envelope stress-sensing and envelope-preserving functions., Mol Microbiol. (2015) [reprint]
  • Castillo-Hair S.M., Igoshin O.A., Tabor J.J., How to train your microbe: methods for dynamically characterizing gene networks., Curr Opin Microbiol. (2015) 24:113-123 [reprint]


  • Judd, J., Ho, M. L., Tiwari, A., Gomez, E.J., Dempsey, C., Van Vliet K., Igoshin, O. A., Silberg, J. J. , Agbandje-McKenna, M., Suh, J., Tunable protease-activatable virus nanonodes programmed to compute proteolytic signatures, ACS Nano (2014) 8: 4740-4746 [reprint]
  • Lee, J., Tiwari, A., Shum, V., Mancini, M.A., Igoshin O.A., Balazs† G., Unraveling the regulatory connections between two regulators of breast cancer cell fate, Nucleic Acid Research, (2014) 42: 6839-6849[reprint]
  • Balagam, R., Litwin D.B., Czerwinsk, F., Sun, M., Kaplan H.B., Shaevitz J.W., Igoshin O.A., Myxococcus xanthus gliding motors are coupled elastically coupled to the substrate as predicted by the focal adhesion model of gliding motility, PLoS Comp Biol, (2014) 10: e1003619 [reprint]


  • Vishnoi M., Narula J., Devi S.N., Dao H.A., Igoshin O.A., Fujita M., Triggering sporulation in Bacillus subtilis with artificial two-component systems reveals the importance of proper Spo0A activation dynamics, Mol Microbiol (2013) 90, 181–194 [reprint]
  • Narula, J., Williams CJ, Tiwari A., Marks-Bluth J., Pimanda J.E. and Igoshin, O.A., Mathematical model of a gene regulatory network reconciles effects of genetic perturbations on hematopoietic stem cell emergence, Developmental Biology (2013) 379:258–269 [reprint]


  • Narula, J., Devi, SN, J., Fujita, M. and Igoshin, O.A., Ultrasensitivity of the Bacillus subtilis sporulation decision, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2012), 109: 20196–20197 and E3513–E3522 [reprint]
  • Zhang, H., Vaksman, Z., Litwin D., Shi P., Kaplan H., Igoshin, O.A The Mechanistic Basis of Myxococcus xanthus Rippling Behavior and Its Physiological Role during Predation, PLoS Comp Biology (2012), 8: e1002715. [reprint]
  • Tiwari, A., and Igoshin, O.A., Coupling between feedback loops in autoregulatory networks affects bistability range, open-loop gain and switching times, Physical Biology (2012) Phys. Biol. 9: 055003. [reprint]
  • Ray, J.C.J. and Igoshin, O.A., Interplay of Noisy Gene Expression and Ultrasensitive Dynamics Influences Bacterial Operon Organization, PLoS Comp Bio (2012), 8:e1002672. [reprint]


  • Ray, J.C.J., Tabor, J.J. and Igoshin, O.A. Non-transcriptional regulation shapes relationships between bacterial network structure and function Nature Reviews Microbiology, 9 (2011): 817-828 [reprint]
  • Zhang, H., Angus, S., Tran, M., Xie S., Igoshin*, O.A. and Welch*, R.D Quantifying aggregation dynamics during Myxococcus xanthus developmentJ Bacteriol., 193 (2011): 5164-70[reprint]
  • Tiwari, A., Ray, J.C.J., Narula, J., and Igoshin, O.A., Bistable responses in bacterial genetic networks: designs and dynamical consequences, Mathematical Bioscience, 231 (2011) : 76-89 [reprint]
  • Xie S., Zhang, H., Shimkets, L. and Igoshin, O.A. Statistical image analysis reveals features affecting fates of Myxococcus xanthus developmental aggregates, PNAS, 108 (2011): 5915-5920[reprint]


  • Narula, J., and Igoshin, O.A., Thermodynamic models of combinatorial gene regulation by distant regulatory elements, IET System Biology, 4 (2010): 393-408[reprint]
  • Chaudhury, S. and Igoshin, O.A., Dynamic disorder in rapid-equilibrium enzymatic system PLoS One, 5 (2010): e12364[reprint]
  • Tiwari, A., Balazsi, G., Gennaro, M.L. and Igoshin, O.A. Interplay of Multiple Feedbacks with Post-Translational Kinetics Results in Bistability of Mycobacterial Stress-Response Network, Physical Biology, 7 (2010) 036005[reprint]
  • Narula, J., Smith, A.M. Gottgens B., Igoshin, O.A., Modeling Reveals Bistability and Low-Pass Filtering in the Network Module Determining Blood Stem Cell Fate, PLoS Comput Biol (5) (2010): e1000771 [reprint]
  • Eswaramoorthy, P, Dinh, D, Dunn, D., Igoshin, O.A. and Fujita, M., Single cell measurement of the levels and distributions of the phosphorelay components in a population of sporulating Bacillus subtilis cells, Microbiology, 156 (2010): 2294 - 2304 [reprint]
  • Ray, J.C.J. and Igoshin, O.A. Lifestyle-optimized transcriptional feedback in bacterial two-component signaling, PLoS Comp Biol, (2) (2010): e1000676[reprint]

Some previous publications

  • Chaudhury, S. and Igoshin, O.A., Dynamic disorder-driven substrate inhibition and bistability in a simple enzyme catalysis reaction, J Phys Chem B, 113 (2009): 13421-8[reprint]
  • Igoshin, O.A., Alves, R. and Savageau, M.A., Hysteretic and graded responses in bacterial two-component signal transduction, Molecular Micorbiology, 68 (2008): 1196–1215 [reprint]
  • Veening, J-W, Igoshin, O.A., Eijlander, R.T., Hamoen, L.W., Nijland, R. and Kuipers, O.P. Transient heterogeneity in extracellular protease production by Bacillus subtilis., Molecular Systems Biology, (2008) 4-184[reprint]
  • Igoshin, O. A., Brody, M.S., Price, C.W., Savageau, M.A., Distinctive topologies of partner-switching signaling networks correlate with their physiological roles, Jour. Mol. Biol., 369 (2007):1333-52 [reprint]
  • Igoshin, O. A., Price, C.W., Savageau, M.A., Signaling network with a bistable hysteretic switch controls developmental activation of the sigma transcription factor in Bacillus subtilis, Mol. Microbiol. 61 (2006)165-184 [reprint]
  • Igoshin, O.A., Goldbeter A., Kaiser, D., Oster G. A biochemical oscillator explains several aspects of M. xanthus behavior during development PNAS 101(2004) 15760-15765[reprint]
  • Igoshin, O.A., Kaiser, D., Oster G., Symmetry breaking in myxobacteria Curr. Biol (2004) R459-R462 [reprint]
  • Igoshin, O. A., Welch R., Kaiser D., Oster G., Waves and aggregation patterns in myxobacteria PNAS, (2004) 4256-4261 [reprint]
  • Wolgemuth C.W., Igoshin O., Oster G., The motility of mollicutes, Biophys. J., 85 (2003) 828-842 [reprint]
  • Igoshin O.A., Mogilner A., Welch R.D., Kaiser D., Oster G., Pattern formation and traveling waves in myxobacteria: Theory and modeling, PNAS, 98 (2001) 14913-14918 [reprint]

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